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Turn your knowledge into money! 💰 🕹️The Game: You will participate in a 15 minute trivia game where you will answer 30 questions related to a certain topic (Please find below). You will have 30 Seconds to answer each question.⌛ How fast you start the quiz and how fast you answer the questions will be a factor in who wins the prize⌛ 💰The Prize: First Prize: 🚗 Kia Sportage (Valued at AED 97,000) - Second Prize: 🤑 AED 2000 gift card Third Prize: 🤑 AED 1000 gift card The Game Topic: World History 🕖 When: 7:00 PM on July 3, 2024. However, if the game’s minimum number of tickets of 1000 have not been sold by that date. The game will be postponed by 1 month. We will keep doing that until at least 1000 tickets are sold. 🏁 Where: The game will be played on the WiFiesta app on the specified date and time. The game can be played from anywhere in the world. ✍️ How: 1️⃣ GRANT WiFiesta the ALWAYS Location Permission. 2️⃣ You need to CHECK IN, on the WiFiesta App, at the “WiFiesta Trivia HQ - Virtual Location”, within 3 hours of the start date and time of the game. 3️⃣ You will receive multiple notifications once the game has started. 4️⃣ Click on the notification and enjoy the game. Once the game is concluded we will publish the correct answers of each question on the wall of WiFiesta Trivia HQ - Virtual Location, then it will be followed by the leaderboard where we show the top 10 participants with the number of correct answers and the total elapsed time. 🕺Who: Anyone 18+ years old or a 13+ years old with a guardian can play the game! However, to win the prize you must have purchased a ticket prior to the start of the game. The person who answers the most questions will win 🏆. In case of a tie, the person who answers the questions the fastest will win 🏆. Time is measured with respect to the time the question was published and how long it took to answer each question. Don’t arrive late to the game! Time really matters! ❌ Avoid: Cheating is prohibited and will get you banned forever! Once you see a question, you have to answer it! If you put the app in background the questions will be skipped! Remember, speed matters! So just answer the question and move on! 📜 Trivia Games Terms and Conditions:

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